CHRIS SUTTON has slammed any suggestion that the banners at Celtic Park last month against Lazio were in any way an excuse for two Celtic fans being stabbed in Rome on Wednesday night.

The former Celtic striker is in Italy ahead of the tie with BT Sports covering the game.

The word spread that Lazio ultras had managed to stab two Celtic fans and the papers who have spent a fortnight creating a blame game scenario against Celtic fans sensationalised the news.

A Celtic fan on the ground gave his first hand account of what had gone on Wednesday night and it was hardly how the tabloids were framing it.

Chris Sutton has made it clear regardless of any banner at Celtic Park that anyone being stabbed going to follow their team is unacceptable in ANY circumstances.

It’s crazy this point has to be made in the first place but that’s where we’re at.=


  1. Chris made his point. If you see enough pictures of the homemade banner (and they are plentyfull) Some Lazio Fans may get upset, but I don’t think any of the assassins seen them at the geme in Glasgow. Who knows who the assassins were, what team they are fans of, if any? what their nationality is. Can’t.. blame Lazio, or their fans. As the assassins wore face coverings. Can you blame muslim wimmin for the stabbing. They wear masks. Stabbings happen throughout the planet. Let’s just blame the tribal element in all of us.

  2. Surprised Broonys not getting the Blame….
    Blaming Celtic Banners lolol WTF planet are these Eejits on or From
    It’s a Football Game.No one deserves to be stabbed over Football.Next the Green Brigade will get blamed.ITs A FOOTBALL GAME ffs

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