CHRIS SUTTON has faced some amount of vitriol on social media as a result of speaking his mind on the disciplinary issues plaguing the Scottish game after the last round of fixtures.

On Friday night there was an implosion of paranoia from Ibrox fans as the hammer came down on two of their players. Now, they might sound silly but the SFA has been letting them away with murder all season so you can expect this sort of tantrum for their support when the rules are finally applied to their team.

The whataboutery was in full swing with Chris Sutton the main target for their displeasure; calling the former Celtic far from impartial in saying Morelos ban should have been upheld and McGregor should have walked for his two-footed tackle on Lewis Ferguson.

The BT Pundit made one Gers fan look rather foolish when he was blamed for having an ‘anti-rangers’ agenda. Sutton made it clear his thoughts on some of the challenges including saying Brown should’ve seen red and that he believed Oli Burke dived in the game against Hibernian.



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