CHRIS SUTTON was covering the English Premier League tonight but word got back to the BT pundit about how ferocious and toxic some of the comments aimed at Leigh Griffiths were in Sky Sports.

Kris Boyd has been talking down Leigh Griffiths for weeks so when the striker scored at a Rugby Park during a 3-1 win and seen Kris in the crowd, the striker gave him a shush sign.

After the game, asked about Leigh’s celebration, Boyd was physically shaking and stuttering and rounded in on the players appearances over the past three years. Bearing in mind Leigh missed almost a year due to mental illness.

Sutton was vague in his tweet but it was clear who he aimed the criticism at and as usual, the former Celtic striker didn’t miss the mark.

Boyd setup a mental health charity a few years back and to be honest, despite his allegiance to Ibrox, he should no better. Bitterness winning out.



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