ON FRIDAY it was revealed that The Rangers have been in discussions with the SFA about Kevin Clancy’s refereeing performance, pretty ironic. It just goes to show what one red card in two years can do to a club!

Celtic legend Chris Sutton was quick to voice his opinion when the news broke on Friday afternoon, taking to Twitter he said ‘you couldn’t make this up’.

The fact the club are taking this further is a brass neck. Only conceding one red card and one penalty when an incident involving McGregor and Hedges had no consequences, the Ibrox Club can count themselves lucky.

The standard of refereeing in this country is extremely poor and the introduction of VAR would help to some extent.

I However, it is the petty fouls in between that is causing much of the frustration amongst fans in which VAR can not intervene.

The outcome of these discussions will be rather interesting.



  1. Poor newco not knowing the rules like boris, and realising that every couple of years a referee can be si audacious to give one of their players 2 yellow cards , tut, tuf ..

  2. Celtic have let the support down by not doing this whenever there has been a bad decision. Celtic should compile a list of refereeing errors since the first game against Hearts in August. It will stretch to over 8 pages. Get the SFA on notice that we can play this game as well. Include information on favourable decisions which bailed them out, a penalty here and there and sending offs for their opponents. is it 6 or 7 times they have gone behind this season and got back into games through being given a pen or an opposition player sent off. Do this every week and see where it goes. This filthy mob cannot be allowed to bully there way to a title.


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