CHRIS SUTTON has shown his true colours on Twitter to promote ‘Football shirt Friday’ tomorrow!

The former Celtic striker tries to play it somewhat down the middle as a pundit but we all know he’s Celtic through and through!

Dawning his 03/04 Champions jersey Chris is asking people to donate to a very worthwhile cause into bowel cancel research.

So get your Celtic tops on tomorrow at work and tell your boss it’s for charity!

Chris Sutton has carved out a great career for himself as a football pundit. The Englishman being a staple of the Scottish game while BT Sports have been covering it. However, he will have to bow out of the Scottish game when Sky Sports take over on a full time basis from the 20/21 season.

We will still be able to listen to the pundit’s views on football every Saturday in the BT studio and watch him wind up people on social media.


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