CHRIS SUTTON had fun winding up some Gers fans tonight when one man gloated to the former Celtic striker about beating Fraserburgh.

The tweet has since been deleted by the fan who didn’t expect Chris to reply but the big man’s retort is still sitting there.

Having a go at the Ibrox fans for their antics last week which seen them enter the field after scoring a second against Ross County.

They have come in for much ridicule after that incident, they really don’t seem to know how to handle winning a game very gracefully.

Another cracker of a tweet by Chris who has been putting these clown back in their box since 2001.




  1. Big Chris Regarding SEVCO,Keeping it Real since 202.When this Brand New Club were formed.There very first game as a Club wasagainst Brechin.In which they were called Sevco Scotland 5088 And changed there name there After.Its All Truth and a Matter of Facts.Theycant even put it up for Debate.Just the same with Them Fantasising They are the Same Club.Nothing more than Sheer Unadulterated Fantasy.The latest one to spring out of that Circus is some Soopa Doopa Chinese Club trying to get Morelos for 8 Sevco MullYinZz……They make up nothing but Utter BS to get them on Sky News to somehow Seem Relevant.The HunMedia wetting themselves with totalexcitement.Flashbacks tothe EBT Years when theybought players for£12 Million(TaxFree)In there Wee Bigotted Vile World They are Back!!!!And They Havent Let Anyone Down Yet with there VileBile.The Most Corrupt Club(s)to ever play in the Scottish Football Association.Cannot Wait for this Rancid Detangd Mob to face Us,Its Going To Be EPIC!!!!invading the pitch v Ross County,What a shower of embarrassingly humiliating Arsewipes.Its Always the 99%Of there Putrid Support that lets the rest of them Down.And boyo boydont theyJust.HH


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