There is all out civil war at Ibrox after Celtic’s latest thumping of The Rangers side leading many to conclude that Celtic have broken them, and not for the first time.

After a dressing room uprise, the Ibrox club are ready to sack Kenny Miller and Lee Wallace as the instigators if reports are true.

But it gets even more bizarre.

Some fans of the Ibrox club have turned up at The Rangers training ground and chained the gates in protest with a banner ‘we deserve better’.

Not to mention the fighting which ensued at the end of the 4-0 Hampden drubbing.

This all stems from the fact they can’t compete with Celtic when they’re not allowed to bend the rules to suit. The current Scotland manager Alex McLeish once said they had to illegally use an EBT Scheme just to keep up with Celtic.

If they had any sort of humility, they could handle defeat better.



  1. Newco Sevco are just the same as Oldco RainJurZz in the regard that they cannot handle getting Blootered.Oh how the Tide has turned on the Vilest Corrupt Club(Clubs) in Scottish Football History.So embarrassing for every Honest Club that has to be associated with them.Seems some of there Soopa Stars were given it Hand Bags at Dawn in the tunnel at FT.Infighting and Unrest in the Oranje Dressing Room.This is music to the ears of every decent football supporter who knows this Club got Away with Blatant Cheating for Many a Year.Mon Hibs and Aberdeen get intae them and make sure 2nd spot isnt there for Them..HfH Mon The HooPs

  2. This was always going to happen. They stupidly believed that they would be challenging by now, why I have no idea. They cannot admit that everything they achieved throughout the late 80s and 1990s was achieved by borrowing from the Bank of Scotland and when the debt got too big they simply transferred it from rangers to Murray International Metals, after all MIM had debt of nearly a billion what was an extra 80 million. when they exhausted that avenue they simply avoided taxes and paid their players illegally. if you cannot see that as cheating then you simply ignore the fact that living within your means is going to hamper your ambitions. They are not broken yet. We need to maintain this streak against them and ensure that we get to 10. I reckon that will be the point of no return. Every victory against them is another nail, every triumph pushes them a little closer to the edge. They will not put up with it for ever. Big Pete and the Tories need to be on board with this and need to invest in Celtics continued success. Preparation for Europe is top priority. Only that will keep Rodgers long term

  3. The sevconians next top is to be sponsored by Vapourized. It should say under it ‘By the Hoops’.


  4. Alfredo Useless did a great impression of Humpty Dumpty after his latest howler of a miss lots of scouts were very impressed and its reported he is in big demand for more Pantomines.

  5. Lee wallace at paradise now ive heard it all why he’s fucking rotten thats why sevco let him go and no other club has went for him as far as ive heard he’s great in the lower leagues thats his tank plus he’s still a fucking grass.


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