BRENDAN RODGERS has piled onto the SFA’s problems as he declares all four officials very poor after Celtic’s 0-0 draw in Paisley.

Celtic were reduced to ten men on the 37th minute after Olivier Ntcham received his second yellow for a fairly innocuous challenge. The Celtic manager believes that was the wrong decision and it stopped any flow Celtic were starting to find.

Before and after the sending off there were a number of instances when Celtic players were getting nothing for being fouled then going into the book for nothing challenges which also rubbed the manager the wrong way. The official Andrew Dallas seemed to be playing to the crowd.

Speaking in his post-match interview Rodgers said “I never like to focus too much on the referees but I think for both teams I didn’t think any of the four officials were very good.

“I don’t know if it’s a mark of all the attention that’s around them.

“With the officials, I don’t think there was a good one between them all this evening. Listen, it’s simple I don’t think they were good.”

“There were lots of incidents they got wrong.

“The sending off for me is not a yellow card. If you watch it again”

Brendan Rodgers has put the SFA between a rock in a hard place because they have known to reprimand managers in the past for comments like this.

However, they have overlooked Steven Gerrard twice already for inferring a long time vendetta against his club by officials and blaming them for the recent defeat to Celtic.

If the SFA were to pull Rodgers up they wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.


  1. Rodgers is looking for excuses, terrible from Celtic last night Ntcham was on a mission to get an early bath and he got his wish, if he avoided that yellow he would have got another one fairly soon after, he should have been hooked

  2. What else can you expect from a referee called Dallas????? Being a hun runs in that family!!Whats the betting Brendan will get sanctioned whilst Stevie Bhoy got off scot free???

    • Rodgers won’nt get sanctioned because the so-called sfa HAVE NOT GOT A LEG TO STAND ON. Rodgers was right to complain about this match and other games aswell.

  3. Ffs it wasnt innocuous it was a petulant lunge after losing the ball,from a player who was off it from the start, are we seriously going down the sevco route of blaming others

  4. BR is correct in what he says, but even that doesn’t excuse a more than bad performance by our team tonight. They will have to play out their socks on Thursday to get a result. If they keep playing the way they did last night there will be nothing won this season as much as I hate to say it.

  5. Slow telegraphed passes, and no midfield to get the strikers off and running. We were too rested after the holiday break. We also need to get at others when they have the ball. Broony was the only star last night. The Saints deserved a draw, as they were rubbish after the break. Unlike Celtic who commanded the second half, but huffed and puffed up front. Bencovic had a poor game, as opposed to a out of a job Ferdinand. Ho did ok for them. Dallas will forever be against Celtic after daddy got a hit at Celtic park. Rubbish officials, usual excuses will abound, but they were still one sided. Being a referee is being NEUTRAL, got it boys, NEUTRAL. Try it, you might enjoy it!

  6. It was a strange comment from Brendan Rodgers
    when you consider all the other stuff taking place
    on the park.
    He could have mentioned a good few wrong decisions.

  7. the side and back passes , and the lack of movement to receive the ball. the lack of urgency to get on top. This is not the celtic wee know. The last time any of our players got to the buy line was against the castle grey skull mob. so why can’t Celtic play like that against all teams?. stop the ferking daly daly and gwet stuck in.


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