CELTIC will find out this week what sort of fine or disciplinary measure UEFA will attach to their latest charge over supporters use of pyro in their last Europa League game.

The Green Brigade put together a stunning display on the night against Cluj where a banner depicting Muhammad Ali on the canvas getting up to fight again with the words ‘Ain’t Nothing Wrong with Going Down, It’s Staying Down That’s Wrong’ – this display was topped off by the use of Pyro in the section which has landed the club in hot water.

The hearing is set for October 17 by UEFA and the club will find out what measures the European governing body will take.

The club posted a strongly worded statement to supporters who want to continue to participate in the use of pyro and have said in no uncertain terms they will be dealt with.

Celtic’s hearing won’t be the only UEFA meeting that day which could effect the club; Lazio will find out their fate after being charged with racist chanting during their match-day two game against Rennes. Any punishment could include a section of the stadium being closed off against Celtic in match-day four.

First up the Italian’s come to Glasgow.


  1. Well that will be a no brainier if they decide to close a stand. Mmm let me think. Oh yeah that will be the idiots that caused us to be in this predicament in the first place. They won’t mind missing the match surely, but then again it’s the G.B . They don’t have any respect for laws, safety or Celtic . No one else should lose out on supporting their team. Time to pay the piper GB maybe that’s what’s needed to drum in some common sense and stop these flares.


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