BRENDAN RODGERS has today confirmed that Moussa Dembele is currently in talks with Celtic and his own representatives about a move away from the club.

The Irishman was asked the question at today’s press conference ahead of the Suduva tie tomorrow after Dembele missed training this morning.

But at present, there has been no official bids made for the player.

It’s believed Marseille, Lyon, Dortmund and Schalke have all expressed an interest in the striker and it will be up for them to not only satisfy Moussa’s wished but also Celtic’s asking price.

Celtic have had a nightmare transfer window which could go from bad to worse should the club sell Dembele without a replacement.

Many Celtic fans were accepting that Moussa would go sooner or later but the timing seems to be off the scales with a Europa League qualifier and Glasgow Derby just around the corner.




  1. I wouldn’t have a problem with him being sold as long as a couple of decent defenders were brought in as a result of the fee being paid…there are a few goal scorers throughout the team as well as Edouard and Griffiths and it would balance the team a lot better

  2. Who the feck is running our club.
    I thought the Huns were a joke until PL decided to burden us all with his attempt at comedy and BR just let’s him get on with it,ffs.

  3. Where does he say “exit talks” ? Never heard of it in my life ! Have you never thought it could be talks to extend his current deal with potential move to EPL next summer or after ?? Major boost to the squad if new contract is signed

    • If he was talking to extend his current deal, Rodgers would have gleefully said that. That’s not the case here.

      His quote “We don’t want to lose a top class player without having a replacement. Not been an official bid but interest. It’s the ‘what-if’ scenario. You always have to be prepared for that. That’s natural. It’s not an ideal situation, with a few days to go”

  4. celtic should sign Diego Valerie from American side he.s Argentinean what a player he plays no 8 at least have a look

  5. Nothing surprises me anymore. Well apart from fickle fans believing that this Celtic board would do anything positive after the shambles oh champions league qualifications went pear shaped. If your happy winning are Mickey Mouse league & getting hammerd in Europe then this is it. Ambition . ??? Don’t make me laugh. Wouldn’t know the meaning of it.But sure say nothing and as long as we beat the huns everything’s fine. That’s not even a stick on anymore. How can you fall from such a position of strength in the space of a few weeks.

  6. Paul Thomson totally agree, we are masters of our own downfall once again, we could be light years in front but no the board want to hold ya back it’s actually embarrassing, thatmob have brought in players left right and centre , all we’re asking for us a wee bit quality, they better move fast or we will be fucked simple as that !!!

  7. Not gonna happen Stephen.As simple as that.The board are the masters of are down fall.But even tho there’s no champions league for Celtic fans this year don’t forget we have rugby comeing to park head soon.Hurtfull embarrassing &deflating. You really couldn’t make it up.oh aye I want 4 players in before Friday. For god sake Brendan it’s peter Lawwell your talking too.

  8. Yeah rugby and disco lights woohoo hail
    Hail what a joke we’re quickly becoming. Get you head out the sand Lawwell etc and give us what we need, god forbid we lose on Sunday many of us won’t be surprised

  9. But it should be the case that we always have cover as we have.but we should never stand in the way of any player should he want to go and play for another team we got a price set for him so we sell easy as that.use the money and bring in three or four players that we want but lets bring in the players even if there is no deal for MD this window…

  10. the sad fact is, it is our success that has caused those clubs in bigger leagues to look at those who brought us that success, nothing we can do about that unless we get ourselves into the EPL, then players will clamour to sign for us as we are one of the best supported teams in the world despite our poor leagues standing in world football.


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