The BBC have confirmed the SPFL have started making advanced payments to clubs in order to help some keep the lights on.

These payments go to ALL clubs and apparently differ depending on their league table status.

The top three in the Premiership – Celtic, Rangers and Motherwell – will receive £395,000 plus VAT according to the BBC.

These payments were due to be made in April but the SPFL have expedited the plans to help clubs now.

Celtic are one of the few, if not the only club who are in a good position financially despite the shut down. Most other clubs are seeking ways to save money and cut their cloth.

It’s a difficult time for the whole of Scottish football and the priority for the SPFL and SFA is that we have all our clubs intact when we come out the other end of this crisis.

It’s a horrible time if you’ve been running at a loss and have been counting on match day revenue and outside sources to keep your club going.

Thankfully, Celtic aren’t in that position.


  1. Celtic should not except any less than what the winners receive for finishing top of the league and moneys should not have been given out while there is a. Dispute going on


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