CRAIG GORDON was involved in an argument with a Killie fan on the touchline during Celtic’s 3-1 win against Kilmarnock on Wednesday night.

The bile coming from the stands was horrible and Neil Lennon even commented after the match how bad Leigh Griffiths in particular was being abused.

“Some of the abuse he was taking was quite unsavoury.” Neil Lennon told SunSport.

Craig Gordon has clearly heard something he didn’t like and rose to challenge the old Kilmarnock supporter. Celtic coaches and then the police coming in to cool down the situation.

Kilmarnock fans topped off the night by cheering a teenager being stretchered off the pitch after a horrible challenge left Jeremie Frimpong unable to stand on his feet.

We’re not sure when it kicked off but Gordon was clearly incensed by what had been said and wouldn’t have flew off the handle for no reason.

The toxic nature of football at times front and centre at Rugby Parl. A stadium they can’t fill but cut Celtic’s allocation anyway.

 Tensions escalate at Rugby Park during Kilmarnock-Celtic clash


  1. They can’t fill their grounds but cut our allocation, looks terrible on tv. St Johnstone owner has the right idea but is slated by the press and other clubs? Lets boycott these clubs who show us utter contempt and watch them come begging when their bank accounts hit meltdown. HAIL HAIL☘💚☘.

  2. Kilmarnock ?, an army latrine smells better than that hole in the ground. With the evacuation of all the big businesses, all that’s left are a couple of lodges and motheaten pubs.


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