An article in The Scotsman back in 2017 has resurfaced online and is pretty damning when it comes to Scott Brown’s recent charge by the Scottish FA.

The piece was about Ibrox player Josh Windass being let off the hook for a ‘gesture’ during a game back in 2017. With many wanting the hapless player cited the SFA decided to take NO action against Windass.

Now follow this next part because it is important. An SFA spokesperson told the Scotsman the following: “The only cause for retrospective action now is for violent conduct, serious foul play or spitting missed by the match officials.”

Fast forward to 2019 and Scott Brown is cited for just that.

There are two schools of thought here and both are damning for the SFA.

Either the spokesperson at the time didn’t know the rules and just spoke utter garbage in order to deflect from their failings.

Or this rule is still in place and the SFA has decided to go after Scott Brown out of spite or to placate the hyperbole surrounding the Celtic captain because the Ibrox hoards can’t take a beating. Either way, Celtic have plenty of ammunition to nail the SFA to the wall.

Is there a bias at play in this instance?



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