HIBS star Darren McGregor has taken a major swipe at Moussa Dembele after Saturday’s clash at Celtic Park.

The defender has called the Frenchman out on going over too easy and said Bobby Madden was correct to book the star for diving.

“There was maybe one out of about four or five where I put a wee bit extra on him and it probably could have been a foul,” he said. “But every other one, he just seemed to fling himself to the ground.

“Bobby made a couple of great calls. It’s hard for a ref. For a defender, it’s almost like you can’t touch a forward now. You can’t lay a hand on him.

“We are both grown men of around 80 kilos so you are allowed a bit of physical contact. But if it’s a hand on his chest and he chucks himself to the ground then for me – and maybe I’m biased – that’s unacceptable.”

Celtic ran out 1-0 winners against Hibs on a day where they lost two major players to injury.

I’m not sure Moussa will lose much sleep over Darren’s comments.


  1. McGregor,How stupid are You….Serious Question!!!!!The second you lay a hand on an opponent,You breach the Rules.Calling Moussa a cheat,You stated you laid your hands on him and Yer Mucka Madden seen through Dembele,s antics.Sounds to me like You and Madden have something in Common.A lot more in common infact,Madden is a known Honest Mistaker and You played for the most Corrupt Club to ever have the neck to show face in Scottish Football.So what say ye,Idiot.

  2. of course you will agree with the ref, went your way let of again , but we are used to these descisions , we look for no favours from refs or fair decisions if they can get away with it . we will always fight on and come out on top , sour grapes my man , god bless the celtic hail hail .

  3. Dummy so diving is a yellow card, WHAT IS CATCHING THE BALL, SFA, as Brendan has said some of refs don`t apply the rules, yes true but it`s the senior/uefa/fifa badge carriers that are the worse ,


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