CELTIC TARGET Charly Musonda hasn’t stuck around after sitting on the bench for Chelsea’s win over Newcastle earlier today,.

The Belgian midfielder was part of the squad but was an unused substitute on the day.

It was noted by a Belgian journalist on social media that the player had not come out with the rest of the squad for a post-match warm down; sparking rumours he is close to leaving the club this window with Celtic in prime position to take him.

Rodgers has been chasing the Belgian star since the summer and was given hope early on in this window about getting him up to Glasgow. However, Antonio Conte wanted to examine all his options and make his own decisions about his squad before confirming the player could move out.

With the window set to shut on Wednesday night, time is now of the essence to get the deal done and may be the reason why Charly has left the squad this evening.


    • Agreed, someone like BOBO for CH and Charly buoy. Then sign up Roberts, and get a goalie in, then watch jabba try to spoil our party!

  1. Agree, Bates can’t tackle without his hands all over the opposition player. Time referees stopped paying homage to the klan, and started applying the rules on using “hands on”.
    Nothing to worry about from the loan experts. The ex Motherwell winger, did now’t, and Cummings sklaffed his shot (goal) into the net.
    Marty is really pouncing it, as if he’s saved Sevco, from the drop.

  2. Its Nigh on time,These football officials are dumped.Bring in foreign officials with no Bias or Affiliation with a certain Club.This has gone on relentlessly for far too long in the game in Scotland.Its just a lack of respect to Every single other Club who is involved in the game.Its guaranteed without Blatant cheating by the Now Dead Club and the honest mistakes these parasites continually make,They are nothing more than a mediocre Club at best,With a Massive Club mentality.What lessons have been learnt from there past endeavours.Nothings changed!!!Only thing thats changed is They are EBTless.Now and Again they push out some Real Rangers Man who insists No Matter What,They Need to Stop Celtic Reaching 10 In A Row.They are Nothing but an Absolute Humiliating Embarrassment to the Game.If they cant let teams have an equal footing.What does that tell Us……The Rancid need All the Help they can Muster.Disgraceful……HH Glasgow is Now and Always Shall Be GREEN n WHITE


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