There are times in life when you have to break from the shackles of convention, get out of your seat and just go wild when the team you support do something extraordinary.

Perhaps winning the Champions League, or even stopping ten in a row; how about if you win the Scottish Cup for the first time in over 100 years. All reasons that emotion can get the best of you and you celebrate with the men who have brought you that success.

However, down Govan way, it seems the bar is just a wee bit lower. After much hilarity, last year when the fans AND staff celebrated a last minute winner at Firhill like it had just landed them their first major trophy of their clubs existence. Well, they’re at it again and social media has been lit up by these we rascals as they invaded the pitch when they got a second goal at Ross County today. Seriously, what are they going to do if they actually manage to win a trophy at some point?!




    • No use fining the animals John as they DON’T have the money to pay it unless they take up a collection at the next Lodge meeting. HH


  2. Scotland’s shame continues. The British Labour guy Kelly wants…ha ha…to halt sectarianism….his useless Labour government did nothing to stop it.
    300 plus Orange hate marches every year in and around Glasgow….they did and will do nothing.
    Labour sold us out and can rot as they are as brit as the Tories. HH

  3. This kind of behaviour is the result of a five yr old outfits crazy supporters starvation of something to cheer about after all it was against the lowest positioned club in the league who were robbed by a refs decision not to give a stonewall penalty we were taken to task by UEFA over an idiot encroaching the pitch let’s hope the SFA have something to say about his madness today.

  4. Looks like Real Sevcolona have Won the ChumpionZz League,Again.Thats twice Now,They have went into Meltdown when they have(In there Eyes)Seen off Massive Clubs in there Quest for World Domination.Now all they need is Windass sold,And use some of the Money to bring in Ronaldo and Messi.And whats left Bring Rangers out of Liquidation.Small Steps Kids,small steps….lol.They Arra Peepul,Thats not even Debatable.

  5. LoLoLoLoL Quality Absolute Numb Heads the lot of Them.Celebrating like that,It certainly shows everytime they face a Bigger Club than there,s and get a result with Help from there Referee.They cant control there emotions and go Full Commando.If McLean had given those penalty shouts Ross County would have won the Game,But the Officials wouldnt have that,Its all part n parcel.If McLean had given penalties he,d have been binned at His Lodge by his Brethren.Its time these Hunbelievable Officials were booted out of our game.Bring in foreign officials with No offiliation to the Goat Worshippers……


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