BRENDAN RODGERS has been discussing the quality of the Celtic pitch and the struggles they’ve faced getting it the way he would like.

The Celtic manager asked the board to back him last year by implementing a hi-tech pitch that would see a better brand of football being played going forward.

However, the Celtic manager explained that due to time restraints it would have to be done over two seasons.

He said “It won’t be how I want it until the summer but hopefully it will see a faster and better game more consistently.

“The cost is about £1.5m. Thankfully the club backed us on that last year.

“Because the timeline is so tight, ideally you do it in one season, in a six-week block.

“So they had to do the first part and then the second part goes down in the summer and hopefully that’s it for a good period.”

Brendan Rodgers continues to look for ways to improve his side’s fortunes and being able to play on a fast and clean surface is pivotal.




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