Dembele Pleas – Have I missed something?

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It seems at least once a day over the past few weeks, when I’ve been doing my rounds on the many Celtic blogs, articles etc that I see a story about an ex-player, manager or just general bystanders pleading with Moussa Dembele to stay at Celtic for next season.

As the headline asks and I’ll reiterate here – Have I missed something?

Moussa Dembele has had to field the same, tedious question nearly every time he’s faced the media since hitting his stride at Celtic – ‘Are you leaving?’, ‘When are you leaving?’, ‘Are you leaving now?’. The question has become entirely tiresome, especially when the answer has always been the same from Moussa – I’m staying put.

Of course, someone will cry that a footballers word counts for very little and that they’re right to keep banging the same drum in the hope the Frenchman will give them that back page headline they crave.

BUT when that is not forthcoming what do you do?

Well, exactly what I’ve mentioned at the top of the article, roll out former players, managers and general bystanders to beg him to stay. Even though Moussa hasn’t given a scintilla of evidence to suggest anyone needs to do so.

The striker even trolled the media last week when he was out and about on his travels, suggesting he might be on the move. I suppose we should be happy that the articles are promoting Moussa to stay, rather than finding people to tell him to get out of Scottish football before he gets the dreaded SPFL stink on him.

Moussa will move on eventually, we all know that. When the time comes he will tell the Celtic fans such is the respect built up between the two. Moussa is a rare breed of player who values career progression and developing before cashing in on a big money deal. He showed that when he chose Celtic last summer and it’s a move that has paid off for the youngster.

He fancies another crack at the Champions League with Celtic. He lit up Celtic Park in perhaps the most frantic and exciting game of the season when Celtic and Man City battled it out to 3-3 draw. The Frenchman wants to showcase everything he can do going forward, develop further and be a better player for it.


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