English Giants Preparing Kieran Tierney Bid

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A wise man once said – ‘What you want and what you get are two very different things.’. This saying seems very appropriate today as the runours intensify over our star left back Kieran Tierney.

The hardcore Celtic fan and invincible left-back Tierney has caught the eye of some of England’s biggest sides. His biggest admirer however seems to be a certain Jose Mourinho at Manchester United.

The Portuguese boss has had scouts follow the youngster progress last season and even had a scouts at the recent Scotland vs England game to run the rule over the youngster.

Today’s papers claim United are prepared to bid £15million to procure the defenders services. While that kind of money is not to be sniffed at, in real terms they would be getting a bargain.

However, with Tierney at his boyhood heroes and recognising he can still improve as a player the lad knows himself his immediate future is at Celtic. So many may try and take him but for now we’re confident he’ll remain a bhoy. 

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  1. Got to laugh at the So called Best league in the World Scouting Our Best players at Celtic.With us playing in a Mickey Mouse League.I wish Celtic got in there So called Best League.With the money these little English Clubs get through Sky Etc….We’d Hold Our Own Against Any of there So Called Big English Clubs.FACT!!!HH

  2. KT supporter on the pitch -is a CELT through and through his immediate future is with the Bhoyz playing football the Glasgow celtic way

  3. English Giants?? There is only one club in England that could be classed as a Giant and that’s Man Utd. They are on a part with us, the rest don’t even come close…

  4. When you see what bang average players go for down south (John Stones £50m) I would start at £50m and go from there, Teirney is a far better player than Stones


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