Yesterday in Amsterdam Celtic fans were stitched up by the Dutch Judicial System. The judge taking the word of rogue cops who can be seen battering our supporters at every opportunity. Not only did he convict 5 Celtic fans but he then awarded these cops compensation for their troubles! An absolutely astonishing decision. Our bhoys were not given the full opportunity to prove their innocence nor were these compensated cops cross examined by defence lawyers to poke even more holes in their statements, which have already been altered on several occasions.

An appeal has now been slapped in by the bhoys representation and this will be fought as far as they can take it. Celtic fans do not stand for injustice and will fight every bit of the way with our Amsterdam bhoys.

Fans Against Criminalisation have agreed, with the consent of the families, to set up a fund which will be used to assist those Celtic supporters who were beaten, wrongly arrested, falsely accused and remain targets of the Dutch judicial system.  The Fund will be administered by FAC which is made up of the Celtic Supporters’ Association, the Affiliation of Registered Celtic Supporters Clubs, the Association of Irish Celtic Supporters Clubs, the Celtic Trust and the Green Brigade.

The legal defence fund has now received donations from the Dutch public!

There will be a collection at the game on Saturday for this fund and I hope Celtic fans can dig deep for these bhoys!

If you want to help us with the  bucket collection at the Aberdeen game on Saturday 23rd November please email for details.  They need a lorryload of bucketeers!

If you can’t make it to the game then you can donate using these methods….

How to Donate

1.       Pay money into the FAC account via your bank or by electronic transfer:

Account Name:  FAC Legal Defence Fund

Sort Code:  83-21-27

Account Number:  11119109


2.       Pay by Paypal using the Donate button on the site of the Celtic Trust, The CSA or the Green Brigade, however if you use this method please make sure you make it clear that the money is a donation and it is for the Amsterdam Fund.  This money will be transferred to the FAC account.


We will keep a strict accounting of all monies donated and this will be made available to the families and to the wider Celtic support at the appropriate time.

Hail Hail


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