CELTIC will NOT receive any more tickets over and above the 25k they were already given by the SPFL.

30k Celtic fans descended on Murrayfield for the semi-final versus Hearts last month while only 11k Aberdeen fans travelled to Hampden for their semi-final.

SPFL bosses agreed Celtic would get the majority of tickets but would not get the 30k to ensure every semi-final fan had the opportunity at a ticket.

Instead, Aberdeen got 20,000 briefs, 9k more than they took to Glasgow in their triumph over Steven Gerrard’s men.

Considering so many Dons didn’t take up the option of the semifinal match – there was hope some tickets may be handed back just like Aberdeen had to do for the semi.

Unfortunately, Aberdeen fans have managed to get the numbers this time around.

Celtic sent out a message to the fans saying there was a limited amount left for the HCTS season ticket holders but not enough for all of them.

“We do not have enough tickets to offer all season ticket holders who meet this criteria.

“The club did not receive a further allocation of tickets for this match.”


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