We joked about it yesterday but it seems like this really is happening.

The Ibrox club yesterday beat a hapless Celtic side who had already wrapped up the league with time to spare. However, the victory is being treated like The Rangers have won the league…no really, it is.

Just ask Paul Gasgcoine! Speaking to SunSport the disgraced former Ibrox player believes the 2-0 win will be just like a league title victory.

“For the Rangers fans, they’ve obviously now in their heads probably won the league because everyone is going to be talking about the 2-0 win against Celtic, you know?”

Oh dear.

Hyperbole is part and parcel of a Glasgow Derby win. If you win, you’re the best around, if you lose everything and everyone is terrible. That’s the nature of the beast but as Celtic fans wake up today the silver lining is actually silverware.

For the Ibrox lot, it’s another win at their home ground but when they stop and smell the roses they will have to concede that this was a monumental failure and probably their best chance at stopping ten in a row.

Celtic had so many different issues this season and not only did they not run us close when the league was won but they’ve failed to go for a cup trophy.

But a 2-0 win against Celtic is like a title win to them, fair play.


  1. I bet the fans of Sevco are still waiting in their seats. For the sound of the helecopter bringing a trophy. HA HA.


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