So….69 and counting, eh?

Our domestic invincibility continues, yet, amazingly, we still have the online moaners and grumpers coming out with all manners of nonsense!

It can’t be denied that the PSG defeats were a horror show, and the disappointing end of our Champions League campaign, at home to Anderlecht was also a low-light. BUT, for me, progress was still made, with us now having the chance to see how we manage against the remaining Europa League teams.
And when that Draw of Death came out in August, surely we all knew the best we could hope for was that Europa League spot?

Back to domestic matters – yes, despite winning, with ease, the first piece of silverware available, there are still many fans who are just not happy at how ‘rubbish’ they think we are this season!

Yet still unbeaten, still the only team who can win the treble, still with this ‘off-form’ Scott Sinclair assisting and scoring goals. Still all in love with our Kieran Tierney! And what about this year’s fantastic Xmas Ad and last night’s beautiful SpiritofCeltic candle display lighting up the Kerrydale Clover? THE FEEL-GOOD FACTOR IS STILL THERE.

Certain players are often singled out for a dip in form, and of course, sometimes criticism is due. Stuart Armstrong for one, has had some recently, yet last night against Hamilton, just look at the pass he put in for James Forrest’s goal. And though he’s not always been a regular start, no-one can fail to see the quality of Olivier Ntcham. Again, from last night, watch the replay and see how much space he created for his goal, and how quick and confident his arm was up to demand the ball.

The next thing to ‘worry’ about, for me, is just WHO is going to end our domestic unbeaten run? IF it’s this season, there are surely some teams we DON’T want it to be against – no need to state the obvious, surely?!

looking at the fixtures, if I have to (and it is with reluctance of course), I would graciously grant the honour to either Partick Thistle on the 23rd Jan, because I have a friend there and they’re struggling – or possibly Hamilton on the 7th of April, because I’d hope our 7-in-a-row is almost guaranteed by then. And the thought of getting beat by certain other teams is not an appealing one!
I’m sure there are many of you who have different opinions, and hey, that’s fine too – but just don’t join in with the Boo-Bhoys (and Ghirls)!

Margaret White


  1. HEAR HEAR Margaret ,Online moaners and especially the ones targeting individual players for their loss of form get on my ti*ts.Read one blog last week where they were lambasting the poor all season form of Kieran Tierney?K.T has been in fine form imo for most of the season so far,had the clueless trolls not seen his magnificent strike against Killie,on the night he captained the team for the first time,something he is destined to do for many a season once Broonie hangs up his boots.
    As for who will end our unbeaten run?Lets hope it doesn’t happen and we become back to back invincible’s.If it does happen let’s hope it happens against Hibs,in a thrilling 5-4 loss to Lenny’s
    attack minded team,a loss which gives Hibs the three points to finish in third and ultimately denies Sevco European football next season HAIL HAIL

  2. This is absolute garbage. Celtic have been poor since the beginning of the season and if anyone has watched Celtic they would admit this. The European campaign shamed the club. It was utter humiliation and the regular hammerings have had a detrimental effect on domestic form. But this unbeaten run means that supporters are happy not to get beat. Giving up two goal leads is OK as long as we don’t get beat. Getting beat in 5 out of 6 games in Europe compared to three the season before. How in the name of God can you say it is progress. And as for qualifying for the EL. The only reason this was possible was nothing to do with Celtic it was the gargantuan slice of luck we had in drawing the worst team in Pot three (every other team in this group would have taken at least six off us in two games). Anderlecht then had their worst start to a season since the mid 80s and to top this off were going through their worst patch when we played them in Brussels. We are 5 points ahead of the worst team in the history of Ibrox, who cannot get a manager and who according to us are a laughing stock. That should tell us all we need to know. One more draw and they could be coming to Celtic Park three points behind us! And just because a player has a brilliant season does not mean that he should be excused for underperforming for months after that. There is of course no crisis at celtic park but the stench of complacency is stinking the place out. From the board room to the stands. And are you telling me it was only the cold that kept 25-30 thousand away on Wednesday. It was a factor but so was the form of the team. And when have individual players not been singled out for abuse at Celtic Park? even in good times. If the players are happy when being heaped with praise then they should be big enough to accept when they have been poor. Tierney was extremely poor against Hibs and was ran ragged by their player. He was also to blame for one of their goals when he was like a 10 year old, marking no one yards from the play. The goal he scored was on August the 8th, he was poor on Sunday. But apparently being a new Celtic supporter means you cannot criticise him or other sacred cows. Back to back invincibles means nothing. Too many draws this season. Due to poor form. Tommy Burns knew all about this. One defeat one season and still did not win the league. Is that what we are after? Another 8 draws and second in the league. As for Sinclair. the real Scott Sinclair is the one you are seeing now, not last season. That is why he is at Celtic. Because afetr signing for a big fee at big clubs, Chelsea, ManCity, even Villa his form dipped and he was moved on. It has happened at celtic. Get money for him in January and move him on.

    • Hey John, thanks for your comments, some of which I completely understand! Trust me, though, I too have lived through the joys, the FRUSTRATION and the pain which comes with supporting Celtic! I couldn’t possibly admit for how many years ?. Please don’t think I’m being flippant when I finish by saying this: I guess it all comes down to one thing… I’m hopelessly in love with Celtic! Go on, admit it… you are too! ❤️

      • Margaret,i completely understand John’s comments too as i have come to develop a nose for sniffing out trolls.
        John’s comments are 100% super negative i.e CL defeats having humiliated the club? nothing about Celtic will ever make me feel humiliated,WIN,LOSE or DRAW.We did nothing ourselves to qualify in third place? what about the win in Brussels?John says they were at a low point,that’s not Celtic’s concern.What about the positive display at home to Bayern?The low attendance for the Hamilton game,?He said the cold wasn’t the only reason for the fans non turning up it was the poor form utter crap,but the point it was mid week and xmas expenditure all come into it.The Aberdeen game next week is a sell out,so i guess the Celtic faith full will be out to congratulate D.McGinnes on his rejection of the Rangers job eh? His only valid points were that we have had too many draws so far this season,but our ratio of games is one of the highest in Europe,this must take it’s toll at some point.His point on Tommy’s one loss second place to Rangers
        was correct,but we were up against a Rangers squad packed with star players from the English national team and the like,but we played some fantastic stuff under Tommy’s team all the same,Pierre,,Paolo,Jorge etc.
        Something like 10/11 draws were our undoing that season,but no danger of that this campaign,Rangers may well come calling with no more than a 5 point gap,not his wishful 3,but they will leave with an 8 point one and an even bigger GD and their tails firmly between their legs.
        One other point move Sinclair on? if this is Sinclair,when he’s out of form,then the last few games will have given him the confidence the pundits say he’s been lacking,and i can see him hitting the heights of last season or better.
        John in love with Celtic?Nah he’s from the dark-side loving mob,methinks!!!
        Any way Margaret,keep up the positive vibes which more than outweigh the
        negatives of being a Celtic supporter of which there are none. HAIL HAIL

        • Thanks Gordon! I agree with you too, ?“win, lose or draw, we’ll support The Celtic”?. We’ll maybe hear more from John on the Twitter n that! ?

  3. John you need to contact a professional my friend,you are clearly a manic depressive.You only point out the negatives in our season,your’e defo a glass half empty kinda fella are you not?Margaret on the other hand tries to enlighten you and your fellow doom merchants with her points on where we stand domestically despite the amount of games we have played this season,and STILL in Europe. so far.but as your comment above shows she is flogging a dead horse.Have you ever listened to the words when you sing The Celtic Song? it goes like this “WE DON’T CARE IF WE WIN LOSE OR DRAW,WHAT THE HELL DO WE CARE,FOR WE ONLY KNOW THAT THERE’S GOING TO BE A SHOW AND THE GLASGOW CELTIC WILL BE THERE”but i somehow suspect you’ve only heard it from the Rangers end,because if not your’e making a damn good impersonation of a hurting CURRANT BUN.
    The Champions League campaign was not ideal but we were up against from the moment we were drawn against PSG and Bayern.I watch with interest to see how much goals that PSG forward line take off teams in the next rounds of the CL,teams that will face them with much bigger reps and massive budgets than tour own.In the mean time take a seat in a darkened room.


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