CELTIC fans are looking on in horror this afternoon as Alan Pardew rocked up to the stadium on trophy day at Celtic Park.

Everyone is on edge with the Celtic managerial situation still not resolved and Alan Pardew being in the ground will certainly raise a few eyebrows.

The former West Ham and Newcastle man posed for pictures outside the ground before heading into the stadium.

Here’s how some Celtic fans have reacted to the picture.

Some Celtic fans are refusing to believe it’s a picture from today, maybe OCBhoy is having us all on!

It’s safe to say the Englishman’s presence has not been welcomed.

Celtic fans will put this to the back of their mind today’s come kick off as the bhoys looks to finish their SPFL campaign off with a victory before lifting the SPFL league trophy for the eighth consecutive season.

Celtic fans are split on who will be the next manager but it appears Pardew is universally not wanted at Celtic Park.

UPDATE: OCBhoy did in fact play a blinder and admitted the image was from over two years ago! Well played Sir.


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