You really can’t make it up.

Livingston frontman Lyndon Dykes has accused Scott Brown of intentionally trying to hurt him during the bhoys 4-0 win at Celtic Park.

From kick-off on Saturday, Dykes was taking liberties with a few of the Celtic players – much like he did during the reverse fixture earlier this season. However, this time, Celtic weren’t rising to it, late elbows into the back and deliberate niggles to try and get a reaction early on proved to be a waste of time for the Livingston striker.

When Dykes did get his yellow card, anything he could do was nullified, he was marked out of the game and spent the second half chasing shadows.

He and Scott Brown had some battles over the piece during the game but to come out afterwards and accuse the Celtic captain of purposely trying to hurt him is deplorable.

“Most tackles were fine. The worst was Scott Brown on my ankle at the end.” He told Sunsport.

“I think he went in to do it on purpose. It’s the type of player he is and I had nothing against him.

“After the game I shook his hand. In the first half there was a 50-50 and I got him one then he got me one.

“It’s part of football. I just get on with it. But I think there were a couple of fouls on me which were given as fouls to them.”

Brown got on the scoresheet during the game and you could tell he was having a bit of back and forth with the Livi players. There was no malice in any of his challenges, and for Dykes to run to the media about it is pretty childish.


  1. Hearing that Jonny Hayes told Dykes to tell the press about the tackle by Broony near the end, Hayes, as i have mentioned before has his eye on sitting midfield berth in the squad that Broony now fills and he is trying to get Broony jailed so that he can get into that position .

  2. That last post is a load of codswallop. It is made to try and cause unrest within in the best squad in the Scottish League. Spuncjester disappear and play games somewhere else……

  3. Dykes started it in the first minute, he and his team mates were at it from the first to last whistle and were allowed to get away with it by a very very poor referee, at one point I thought we were going to get someone injured he was letting Livi away with so much, Livi reminded me of Hearts and Motherwell on that showing, one of the worse performances from a referee this season and that is saying something.

  4. The ref let Livi away with murder. As for thier centre forward, turning too the press?. What a fanny he is. Typical big hard man, until some one shows him it works both ways!. Go back into your hole you midden, or better still go back to whence you came from!! Midden!!!!

  5. Dykes wants to play for Scotland noo best way to get in the squad say anything bad about Scott Brown yip the hacks are at again they canny help there selves , Broony Broony Broony LEGEND

  6. A Livi Player running for Relevance.Ye cannae Dish it out then whine when Ye get some back ffs.As for the Referee that’s a whole Cam of Worms that’s in Serious Need of Puted.Probably wearing a Sevco Top under that Ref Top


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