The late night quote from Eddie Howe’s agent was interesting.

Celtic fans have seen this movie before and they’re absolutely entitled to be sceptical about Eddie Howe coming in as manager.

What I would say, the usual voices used by the club to filter out news are unmoved by his reps quote.

Covering Celtic for many years than I’d care to admit at this point, I know how things work when it comes how the club get their news out.

They use a select few journalists and they get to write their exclusives.

The usual suspects have been very high on an Eddie Howe appointment since last week.

What’s clear to me; whoever they’re talking to at Celtic, they’re not trying to quell the deal at all.

We’ll see if that comes today but up until this point, it’s been all guns blazing. We’ve had pieces about Howe’s first signing they’re that sure.

The massive sceptic in me or any other Celtic fan could say they’re merely doing this to whip up interest in season ticket renewals.

I’d say the club think we’re daft, but we’re not that daft.

With renewal forms being readied, they know something tangible and definite must happen in the next few weeks or renewals will trickle in rather roll.


  1. Get a grip. Howe is a novice in management terms. This playing the field is a ruse to get more interest in Howe, and If I was DD I’d be out there looking for a man who wants to get more than his toe in the water.
    He can wait till summer if he likes, and if that’s the case we should move on to other targets. We need someone NOW, when it suits the employer, not when it suits the employee. Get real Howe, you are a target, but looking at it, not the answer. If you fail at Celtic you are finished.


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