Celtic fans have been waiting to find out who their next manager is going to be for some time now.

It’s been over two months since Neil Lennon’s departure from the club but the Hoops board and decision makers have stayed very silent on what’s going on behind the scenes.

Since Lennon left the building we’ve been sent crashing out of the Scottish Cup and have failed to lay a glove on our rivals in three separate Derby games.

Fans patience is at breaking point after another shocking display on Sunday and the club are facing a lot of heat to show their hand.

Tom English has spoken out on BBC radio this evening saying he believes Eddie Howe is in the bag for Celtic and they’re merely adding the bells and whistles before announcing the deal.

“I’m pretty sure they’ve got Eddie Howe in the bag and they’re just trying to add on the bells and whistles.

“He can evaluate it from a distance. If I was Eddie Howe I wouldn’t want to be tarnished by this. I wouldn’t want to coach another man’s players. I wouldn’t want to come into a club that has such turbulence with so many people to be appointed. I wouldn’t walk into that mess. I’d wait until the summer and get everyone’s ducks in a row.

“It’s not too late. If they announce him in two or three weeks, he’s still got a lot of weeks to sign a lot of players.

“I would imagine, unless Celtic are completely incompetent and I don’t think they are, that they will have Howe pretty much lined up and they will already be talking about players and maybe even silently have signed some. I think there’s an awful lot of work being done in the background.”

Eddie Howe does look set to become the next Celtic manager and it does feel like a matter of when and not if.

The Englishman will be a major coup for the club and shows ambition after this ridiculously poor season.

Howe is a man who can come in and shape a new squad in his image alongside his own staff and out from underneath Peter Lawwell who will be leaving his post in July.

Time is of the essence and we can only hope Tom English and his predictions are correct.


  1. Tom English is a piece of faecal detritus.

    Lawwell needs to go COMPLETELY, we can’t have him near anything at the club anymore. Not even the half-time draw. And he can forget any notion of keeping John Kennedy about the place as his spy, today put paid to that hopefully…

  2. Peter lawell go now pls do not wait 4 july 1 if u care about about celtic and have feelins which i dont think u do about celtic pls just go now ur no longer wanted by the greatest fans in the world.

  3. No The fans don’t want Roaring Ronnie Delia (Smith) back, as he is Happie in the US. The Tim board always seem to fall backwards when the time to get a new man In comes. Time for change is now. Unless your blind, and never saw the last protests against the board before Neil Lennon left the room for his third time. Sheech. And never saw the TV coverage in manchester against their board.


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