If you were wondering why James McFadden was in the co-commentary booth on Sunday instead of Andy Walker, it’s been reported the former Celtic player has been banned from

SunSport report Walker missed the broadcast on Sunday after receiving a ban from the stadium for disparaging the club’s finances.

Walker has came under fire this season from Celtic also but there was no ban put in place.

The Ibrox club have banned many pundits and broadcasters over the years – they still won’t talk to the BBC.

The same board who banned an 8k travelling Celtic contingent because they got sick of the sight of us celebrating.

Celtic were soundly beaten on Sunday by a home side who really didn’t have to do much to get their opportunities.

This season is nearly over and the rebuild is set to begin.

If Celtic want to start handing stadium bans out to some of our own players – I could maybe get on board.


  1. The way these petty huns behave is ridiculously childish. But then, they are only turning 9 years old I suppose…

  2. Not Andy’s biggest fan but credit were credits due in speaking the truth. The finances at their club have for too long been swept under the table by journalists frightened to say anything untoward against them.


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