On the eve of the biggest game of the season for Celtic, a bed sheet with an awful message telling Shane Duffy and Neil Lennon to get out of the club.

We can’t confirm who has put the banner up but the poorly put together message should be laughed at.

That banner is not Celtic.

We go through a tough period but anyone who felt the need to do this obviously needs a lie down.

Celtic take on Motherwell tomorrow in a must win game for the hoops.

One win in six has put tremendous pressure on the team and manager. It’s time for Celtic to stand up and be counted.

Three points at Fir Park and we can look to build on that. The manager knows a draw or loss could spell the end for him.

If Neil Lennon isn’t the man to take us forward, and you think that, fine. However, personal abuse and stunts like this are disrespectful to an outstanding servant for the club.


  1. The person that composed this, must be looking for this blankie. Maybe they still think it is drying on their clothesline. Fuc&ing tramp.


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