DEDRYCK BOYATA has lifted the lid on his life as a Man City youngster waiting to get his chance speaking to Belgian newspaper de Zondag.

The Belgium defender’s father recently spoke out about his son wasting some of his career languishing in the City reserves.

The Celtic star realises he should have made a move from the club much sooner than he did.

“I should have taken that step of joining Celtic even earlier.” Boyata admitted.

“Under Roberto Mancini I got my first chances. I was 19 at the time. After that season I was able to go to Everton. I should have done that.

“City became bigger and bigger every year. That does not make it easy for a youth player to continue to grow.”

It would be Celtic who would give Dedryck the opportunity to spread his wings.

The defender made a good start to his Celtic career but fell away and capitulated in the Scottish cup final against The Rangers; having a howler and then going off injures in the first half.

The player was not seen again until funnily enough the Scottish Cup game against Albion Rovers the following season. Brendan Rodgers now in charge, the player got his chance and never really looked back.

There was a lot of unpleasantness in the summer with Boyata trying to move a push through to the Premier League. He has knuckled down since but has yet to sign a new deal.

Dedryck may get his Premier League move in January if he refuses a new deal.


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