Former Celtic midfielder Craig Burley was not immune to abuse Ibrox fans were dishing out after their victory against Celtic on social media yesterday.

Instead of enjoying a moment that has taken a very long time to happen, we saw an outbreak of peepel who had to blow the dust off their social media login details so they could try and get at Celtic fans and players who have upset them over the years.

Burley, now working for ESPN in America, is not so big with Celtic fans either but when prompted to comment over the game at Ibrox on Saturday, the broadcaster came up with the perfect analogy.

This prompted an angry response by some who tried to make reference to the retired player’s teeth and just found themselves getting very angry.

It turns out, even in victory they’re a right angry bunch.

We hope for their sake, they collected enough nuts yesterday.


  1. Let them have there day it will come back to bite them we got good home games coming and them at home look what happened after we got beat with hearts some thing very similar will happen,when we get back we going go on a run to the end of season,bring it on we will be back stronger than before…

  2. That game yesterday was “ref..” by a hun who is a season ticket holder at ibrox. How can any team play their football against a bluenose “ref” who is in favour of his own team. Beaton could not send off any player of his team. When is morelos going to be sent off because of stamping, hicking etc..

  3. Wow, takes more than one win at the death star against Celtic to win anything. See how many league games Sevco win on the trot. Ha ha. Their fans are praising Gerrard now. How long before they’re braising him again. Europe await the Hoops. What await them?? Obivion mostly.


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