PAUL LAMBERT might be giving the Celtic hierarchy too much credit after the collapse of the Eddie Howe deal this week.

The former Celtic midfielder believes the club is too big to have left all their eggs in one basket.

However, from the outside, it looks like that’s exactly what they’ve done. Previous targets they were interested in and had spoken to, like Enzo Maresca are now tied up. They hitched their wagon to Eddie and didn’t ask for a contractual commitment from the Englishman along the way.

The Hoops board left themselves open to this farce and the embarrassing aftermath as they scramble for a second choice manager.

Lambert talked up the Celtic job even though he has no desire to every step foot into the Parkhead dugout.

Lambert is very dismissive of the West of Scotland fish bowl and the pressure it brings in general but did say it was a fantastic job if you can get it right.

“It’s too big a club to think it’s going to rest on one guy coming in.” the former Hoops man told SunSport.

“I think they’ll have a number of options to go and get, whether Eddie was the first guy or not, nobody ever knows, but he’s decided not to come.

“If that’s the case then you move on because the club is bigger than anybody.

“Having played there, it’s a great club so whoever gets the job is walking into a great club.

“The pressure at Celtic is huge, I think everybody who has been a player or a manager there I’m pretty sure will tell you the exact same.

“It’s really intense and if you get it right it’s absolutely fabulous but whoever gets the job is going to walk into a fantastic place, will have 60,000 behind their back every time and it’s interesting to see who’ll get it.

“I think when you go into a club like Celtic I think you have to know that you can’t draw, I think everybody realises that, you can’t really get by with a draw.

“You have to win every game really – and that includes Europe.

“The expectancy level of the club is so high, whether you’re going for the titles or the cups or Champions League qualification, you have to try and get it.

“I’m hoping whoever it is comes and embraces that and realises what size of club you’re walking into because it is a huge, huge football club.”

Celtic have very little time to now go get another man in time for next season. It appears as if we’re going to make a panic appointment and next season is in serious jeopardy of descending into as much of a farce as last term.


  1. He is on the short list, but then so was Roaring Ronnie. And he got the job for two seasons. As no one else was cheaper than Ronnie (or as available)
    No matter who the suits chose, it may be good for the fans and their pockets. Or bad for the fans and good for their pockets again.
    Anyone who thinks the suits may bankrupt themselves, in the chase for one in a row. Is deluded. Let’s lay on back, and wait for the scent of coffee.

  2. He is on the short list, but then so was Roaring Ronnie and he was boss for two years. As he was cheap (and available) Whoever the suit’s pick as the next boss, may be bad for their pockets and good for the fans.
    Or good for their pockets and really bad for the fans. Anybodies guess, could be as much use as mine. Let’s hope it someone who can convince the moneymen to change their errant ways.

    And bin the biscuit tin forever.


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