You’d have to wonder if Mark Warburton was still the manager at Ibrox would he have the same solution to deal with the current worldwide football lockdown as he does now. Current Ibrox manager Steven Gerrard has been coy about his opinions. Maybe that is because his boyhood team were just about to win their first league title in 30 years until the deadly Coronavirus struck.

Warburton got schooled in Scotlands top flight once he got the new version of Rangers promoted. The now QPR manager is not watering down his views on how he thinks the pending season should be finished.

This is what the Englishman plucked out of his magic hat while speaking to Sky Sports.

“I feel very strongly that we have to finish this season,” Warburton told Sky Sports News.

“I feel so strongly that for the integrity of the game – we’re 80 per cent through – we absolutely have to finish this season.

“And supporters want to hear that, they want that confirmation.”

Celtic are 13 points clear in the SPFL and also into the semi-final of the Scottish cup. Winning both trophies would mean the champions would win their fourth consecutive treble. The cry from Ibrox is to null & void the season.

As the reality of yet another trophyless season kicks in and the very thought of living through another Celtic treble plus nine in a row gets closer the sporting integrity that Warburton speaks of has long gone.

Unfortunately with what is going on around the world means that there will be no solution to the problem anytime soon.


  1. All kids playing football know any games that can not be played would end in draws top team wins and last team goes down no play offs and every team gets paid out on the place they are in,now Scottish cup games only need 1 or 2 weeks to finish ties every thing going well before the start of new season or played out behind closed doors but live on tv…

    SPFL be the first,Come on its a easy call bring season to a end the life of people is much bigger than football…

  2. Integrity and whatever manifestation of rangers in the same sentence is a joke, as is the present entity playing out of ayebrokes.


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