Has Neil Lennon and his backroom team tried to suss out where the leak is in the dressing room when it comes to the starting XI on match days?

There has been quite a few games this season where Neil Lennon’s lineup has got out onto social media, hours before the confirmed team is announced through the official club channels.

Today, however, a ‘leaked’ starting XI made its way onto the RecordSport site which turned out to be completely bogus.

At first, we thought the paper might just have had bad intel, but could this be a deliberate attempt to flush out the person leaking the score. If someone at Celtic was given that team lineup and it has been filtered through to the Record, they might now know who has been at it.

Leaks pre-date Neil Lennon when it came to the starting XI. Hopefully, it stops, we’ll find out after the international break if the club has sussed what’s went on.



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