The Celtic Family are in mourning today with the passing of their greatest ever captain Billy McNeill.

Billy McNeill has pulled everyone together today as we all celebrate the man he was and how he became immortal.

Former Celtic player and Sky Sports man Charlie Nicholas hasn’t been the Celtic fans favourite person over the years with his opinions on the club. However, on days like today, our differences are set aside as we tell stories about Billy McNeill and what he meant to us all personally.

Speaking to Sky Sports, the former footballer broke down in tears as he recalled the day Billy brought him in to be a professional footballer and how Billy had called Charlie’s mother to assure her about Charlie’s career and prospects.

Celtic fans everywhere are sharing their stories today about when they met Billy or when they were lucky enough to see him play or manage the club.

Whether you saw him in the flesh or not, if you’re a Celtic supporter you will know Billy has been the head of the Celtic Family for quite some time – he’s a mythical figure to many, the embodiment of all things great about Celtic. Tears will be shed in the coming hours and days as we pay our respects to the man and say goodbye to a man who has given his all for our club.


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