FORMER Celtic player turned Sky Sports pundit Charlie Nicholas has taken a fesh swipe at Celtic ahead of their Europa League tie against Zenit.

The media man went as far as saying that Celtic would be lucky to get £12million for Dembele due to the player’s poor form.

“Dembele would be lucky to attract another £12m bid with the way he’s been performing.” admitted Nicholas.

He pointed out that it’s going to be a tough task for Celtic with an out of form Dembele and Sinclair while top striker Leigh is on the sidelines.

Nobody would really dispute these facts but it’s the readiness for Nicholas to try and pile misery on the Celtic fans before a big game irk some within the support, others take no notice.


  1. Charlie is the biggest fa*ny,in a trio of F.ormer U.nderachieving D.ickhead S.trikers aka F.U.D.S. Walker,Cascarino and himself are always there,all too willing to talk down all things Celtic in order to have their palms crossed with the M.S.M’s silver.Not many former players,in fact i can only think of one at the time of writing this,who would not get a warm welcome from the support when attending a game at paradise,and that’s Judas reincarnate himself,M.Johnstone.

  2. Okay,Nicholas did achieve a certain level of success helping us win the league in 1980 and 81,so not a total underachiever in his first spell at the club anyway and i did give my first born son the middle name Nicholas(something iv’e regretted for a long time) but he’s still a fanny!


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