Former Celtic and Scotland boss Gordon Strachan has weighed into the coin throwing debate and specifically the attack on Neil Lennon at Tynecastle.

The wee man who won three in a row with Celtic is enjoying life outwith football management at the moment and sat down with Paddy Power to discuss the latest goings-on.

With many in the game, including Neil Lennon suggesting the coin was thrown at him because there is a sectarian motive behind it – Strachan tends to disagree.

The man who brought Neil through as a coach at Celtic Park said he has a lot of time for the Irishman but believes the coin throwing was down to a moron being a moron – citing other incidents recently for not going down the sectarian route.

Strachan also went one further and suggested Neil Lennon turned into someone on the touchline that Neil would admit himself wasn’t his best self.

The former Scotland boss floating dangerously close to the suggestion Neil brings it on himself.

Make up your own mind on Strachan’s thoughts.

“The incidents that Neil Lennon experienced in Scotland years ago, when he was at Celtic, it’s official that some of that stuff was Sectarianism. People went to jail.

“Neil’s one of my best friends but, the incident we saw recently, I don’t think it’s the same.

“Coin-throwing didn’t just happen to him at Tynecastle, it happened to others as Liv and St Mirren. No one specifically is being targeted.

“You cannot put the coin throwing down to sectarianism, you put it down to morons.

“Neil is a lovely man, a right good laugh. But we change, sometimes into people we don’t like, at games.

“My tongue used to be my weapon because I was too small to kick anyone – I used to say things and go ‘oh dear’ and have to go and apologise after the game.

“At a football match, the worst comes out in people. Educated people go into grounds and turn into maniacs when the game starts, they go bonkers as soon as that whistle goes.”


  1. Everything wee gorden says there is true 98% of the time , but at tynecastle and poundland i would defo say its sectarian………..cause they jooost canny help themselves…… the way there is now no danger after aw the shite at tynecastle during the tic game and the hibs game that the glesga media and the chookter media canny deny nooo that sectarianism is jooost a west ah scotland thing………even when that poor old lady got scudded with a bottle at tynecastle when the hearts fan tried and failed to hit the celtic bus,all the accents from the hearts supporters where northern irish yet no one has picked upon this,with one shouting your hitting your own and then in the next breath it wissnay me…it wissnay me……….well that person on the video is clearly with the perpetrator that commited the assault……why are the authoritys not chasing this up,or has this crime been masked in edinburgh the way they mask shit in glasgow…..HH


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