JOHN HARSTON has spoken of the day Martin O’Neill berated him so much the player fell out with the Irishman.

O’Neill was an old school manager and many of his ex-Celtic players have told how the manager could make them feel like a million bucks or he could make you feel worthless at times depending on how you were playing.

Martin had a few run-ins with Larsson over the years too but those were few and far between.

Neil Lennon has also told how him, Lambert, Sutton etc would get the brunt of the manager’s wrath.

John Hartson has told the Evening Times about the time he fell out with the boss for berating him in the dressing room after a game.

Hartson recalls:” I remember one day being berated by Martin O’Neill at Celtic. He said to me, ‘You know, John, we are playing a game called football. Sometimes, maybe just every now and then, you actually have to run. You might want to move. Do you know why I took you off? Because you hadn’t moved for 20 minutes…

“What do you say to that?”

John was never a player knowing for his running but more for his power, strength and finishing. The former Celtic manager must have been needing to vent at someone because if he brought John in to run then he signed the wrong player!



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