FORMER CELTIC STRIKER John Guidetti looks set to leave Celta Vigo this month after falling out of favour at the Spanish club.

John, who spent one season on-loan at Celtic has found a permanent club hard to come by, playing for a plethora of clubs where his talent has always been praised but his attitude sometimes called into question.

The Swede sullied his time at Celtic when he scoffed at the notion he would sign with Celtic in the Scottish League on a permanent basis. Seemingly above the club and the fans, John went back to Manchester City after a decent season in the Hoops, to then leave for Celta Vigo.

Having enjoyed a good start to his Celta career, things looked bright for the Swede but injury and reports in Spain saying his attitude has been again called into question his club are now looking at selling him to a fellow Spanish side.

Levante are desperate to land a goal scorer to try and stave off relegation and it seems like they want to take on John and his baggage.

If he does move, it would be Guidetti’s 8th club of his career at only 25-years-old.




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