FORMER IBROX defender Craig Moore has suggested Celtic signed young Leo Mazis purely as a marketing ploy.

The 17-year-old who joined Celtic at the start of the year was picked up by Celtic after a successful trial in November, however, Moore thinks Celtic may have signed the lad to raise their profile in Australia.

“I know very little of [Mazis] from Canberra and find it hard that to believe he would be at a level if they were playing state league back here,” said Moore. “I have not seen him, though. It could purely be a marketing ploy from Celtic,” he added.

It’s highly ridiculous to think Celtic signed Mazis other than for his raw talent. Since joining Celtic he has not been near the first team and has been left to continue his development away from the limelight.

His agent was quick to reply to Moore’s ill-informed comments.

“If the comments have been made by him, it is surprising that Craig Moore would describe a 17-year-old he hasn’t seen play as a ‘marketing ploy’,” he said.

“Leo trialled as a 16-year-old, and impressed Brendan Rodgers and his staff, leading to a contract offer. He is there on merit.

“Leo and Tom Rogic both slipped the net in Australia, and took the same, different pathway. Andy Bernal and Ron Smith helped both players, and their progress in Europe is self-evident, at an elite Champions League club.”


  1. Another crap comment from a blues has been if he ever was anything.
    Does anyone notice the Lack of Foreign young talent at ibrokes..
    Would it be they could not be sure of being paid and they may not have where with all to escape ibrokes
    Why would anyone in the their full senses go where they may become a regular at the local Soup kitchen

  2. Leo played NPL as a 16 year old. He has great potential and that is why we signed him. If he realises that potential then look out. If not then he has lived the dream of being at Celtic. Fingers crossed for the wee man.


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