FRANCEFOOTBALL has had an absolute shocker as they rate the top football managers in history in a top 50 list.

As you would expect, Jock Stein has made the list but he rates a whopping 34/50! Eh?!

Rinus Michels takes the number one spot but the fact the man who was in charge of the first ever Scottish and British team to bring the European Cup to these shores playing a ridiculous brand of football is a shocker.

Mourinho, Lippi and Van Gaal, Zidane all ahead of the legendary Scotsman.

Jock Stein is one of the greatest ever Celts who took a team who were born within a 30 mile radius of Celtic Park and made them European Champions.

His record at Celtic was phenomenal and the mark he left on the game makes his listing even more perplexing.

Honours as Manager (Celtic)
Scottish First Division 10
League Cup 6
Scottish Cup 8
European Cup 1

FRANCEFOOTBALL has had an absolute nightmare here! Someone maybe just stuck Stein in somewhere after a Wikipedia search.


  1. Does it really matter to US !
    Big Jock will ALWAYS be number one in the Celtic Family.
    I’ll be able to sleep tonight (like any other)knowing the result of this…….if l can still remember it at bedtime later on 💚

  2. When jock stein and shankley win you played league champions and only had one chance if you lost you were out unlike when Fergie won it they had 3chances and were runners up in their leagues


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