If ever there was proof Celtic are selling themselves short when it comes to player fees then look no further than reports tonight which have linked former Celtic striker Moussa Dembele with a move to the Premier League.

Celtic landed a record transfer fee for the Frenchman back at the start of the season when the striker pushed a move through to Lyon.

The club made the official announcement to the London Stock exchange after the fact to let shareholders know they had received a whopping €22million for their striker.

Now, this is a lot of money for a club who plays in the SPFL but it’s because that very reason Celtic settled for that amount of cash.

Fast forward not even a year later and the player is being chased by several Premier League sides in England and the opening bid for his services is £35million according to The Metro.

People might say he had to prove himself in France before clubs will put that money up but if we’re talking about a guy that proved himself already it’s the guy that put Man City to the sword at Celtic Park during Pep’s first season.

Quality is quality and whether they play in Scotland, England or France, if you put your preconceived notions to one side then Celtic should have got more for Virgil van Dijk and Moussa Dembele if they held their nerve.

Lessons need to be learned, especially if Moussa goes for over double what we have sold him for just a year down the line.


  1. In my opinion the most expensive error Celtic have made for years was taking Lennon back even as interim stop gap. The way things are going just now I’ll bet PL regrets that decision.

  2. Celtic will never get top dollar for players. That’s the way it is in Scotland. Always has been. The player needs to move to fulfill his real value. Van Dyke the ultimate example. Even Celtic are afraid the player has a lapse in form meaning lapse in value.

  3. If a player does well in Scotland they are seen as better than average.. only when they move to w other league do they get noticed as the superb player that most of Celtic already know they are.prejudice to the Scottish league.

  4. It is what it is For some one to come in a pay £40 million for a player who plays in the SPL, well its never going to happen because they all believe that most average players can look good in the SPL so they think its to big a risk until they join a what they consider a better league and still show talent then they will go a pay through the nose because he’s coming from a so called better league and a so called team.


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