The transfer saga that seems to be raging on is the deal between Celtic and Cruzeiro for Fabricio Bruno and now there’s accusations flying his agent has tried to steal documents between the two clubs.

The South American reporter is claiming the in-fighting between the player, his representatives and the club after the player’s court case was was thrown out.

Bruno tried to get his contract ripped up in a Brazilian court because he’s not been paid his wages or money he’s due from the club for his image rights.

Celtic seem keen on the move and Neil Lennon has hinted a a move for the defensive midfielder.

Any deal for Bruno looks extremely complex between problems like the above, Celtic would have to secure a work permit.

Celtic are about to enter the transfer window and seen to have their targets locked. Two or three new signings could just freshen up the squad.


  1. We need 2 central attackers 2 midfielders able to join in on attack 2 strikers and maybe we will change this tippy tappy sideways passing crap , when our middle of the park can’t be arsed to get with into 25 yards out and wing backs haven’t the sense to get the ball into 18 yards out only, why run the length of the park to. Cross a ball when from corners we get fuck from them and only get the ref on her back looking to book you

  2. The time has and come to get the dead wood out and 3 or 4 new faces twice they set about us and we could do nothing to stop them one game we got lucky the second we dot found out,so empty the dead wood this window and bring in two holding midfielders that can do the job Ajer sell him runs around like big silly boy he can not defend sold two goals and when moves forward he runs into nothing,and it is not the first time he has played like that we need a real CH and another real CF and lets get this show on the road no more young players seasoned pros now or we can kiss the rest of this season…


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