Giakoumakis has responded to comments from Ryan Jack claiming the big man was disrespectful earlier in the campaign when he claimed Celtic had the best team and he believed the Hoops would win the league.

Pre-derby match, Jack seemed irked when asked to comments on Giakoumakis’ stance. [Sunsport]

Post derby match, the Greek striker will feel somewhat vindicated. Celtic took a six point lead at the top of the table after beating The Rangers at Ibrox on Sunday.

Nothing is won yet, there’s still a lot of work to be done but as the frontman picked up the player of the month award, he explained his comments to Celtic TV:

“I didn’t make those comments to make anyone angry or feel disrespected by me. I said what I was believing, for my team.

“We play very good football, I believe in my team. Every single player can say his team are the best, I don’t think this is bad.

“From now on, we have to win our games and do our job.”

Giakoumakis has been sensational for Celtic since January. Not only scoring but adding dig and grit to the team at times. He didn’t score at Ibrox but Giak was instrumental in the victory. His defensive actions towards the end of the game ensured Celtic left with all three points.

There’s nothing wrong with confidence. Yes, you have to make sure you don’t allow the opposition to use it as fuel. However, if you can back up what you’re saying – then it’s fair enough.

Celtic are in a good place at the moment but as the striker said, we have to keep working and getting results.


  1. Why is (unless I’ve missed it), no one talking about the thuggery displayed by Ryan Jack as he compressed the big Greek’s face while he was on the ground ?

  2. Giakoumakis is a big strong lad and plays football hard but fair and his work rate gets better by game he will become much better and the more he plays and i look forward to that….


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