Graeme Spears has absolutely smashed it out the park on social media when he addressed former Ibrox director Alastair Johnston’s claim Celtic’s title triumph this season would need an asterisk.

Celtic are still waiting on the outcome of how the season will end but The Rangers football club and their support seem hell-bent on having the season null and void – I wonder why.

Knowing that won’t be possible like they were always going to do, they are discrediting Celtic’s success.

Johnston talking about putting an asterisk on Celtic’s title if they win it as it stands.

Spears, who read Johnston’s interview, took to social media to explain that a Rangers* director, of all people, shouldn’t be talking about titles and asterisks.

Spears clearly evoking the memory of the old club and how the former Ibrox club cheated every club in Scotland by paying their players vast sums in illegal payments during their title success back in the 00s.

I don’t think there would be enough asterisks to go around if they started dishing them out to the old club.



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