Charlie Nicholas believes Odsonne Edouard is very much suited to Arsenal if they wanted to sign the player this summer when football manages to get back to some sort of normality.

The bhoys are currently on shutdown with the rest of Europe but plans will have to be made beyond this season at some point.

Nicholas has made the claim Celtic value Edouard around the £40m mark and that’s where the stumbling block could be.

No self-respecting Celtic fan wants to see Edouard leave in the next year or two but if the striker was to move it has to be for big money.

Charlie thinks the valuation will put clubs off which is absolutely fine by me.

Coupled with the financial fallout of the current shutdown and there might not be a decent market for Celtic to get what they would like for Eddy.

If we can tie the striker down to a new deal, it would be a brilliant piece of business.

Nicholas isn’t convinced he’s ready to go elsewhere:

“The problem is getting the judgement right over whether he’s ready right now, playing every week for Arsenal compared to who is there already. I’m a big fan of Alexandre Lacazette, and Edouard has got quite a bit of Lacazette in style within his game.” Nicholas told SunSport.

“He certainly would not come to England straightaway and score 20 to 25 goals in a season unless Arsenal find a renewed belief and they get the whole team right.

“It’s got potential, absolutely, but I’m not convinced that they will go and buy him. The reason is that in Scotland, Celtic are gauging him as a £40m player.

“This will come down to what Edouard wants. If he wants to leave, then he will leave. Celtic will take the cash rather than have a player who is not committed to the cause because historically that’s what they have done – with Dembele, Virgil van Dijk and Kieran Tierney.

“He has to go to a side that plays him. He can play with a partner and he can play on his own, but he must play in a team that’s going to give him a lot of service. If he plays in a side that sometimes gets 40 per cent of possession, he will find it really tough to adapt.

“His attitude has improved sufficiently enough to tell me he will become a top player but I am not quite convinced teams will yet be looking at him as a £40m player. But the current market, with the coronavirus likely to impact the value of players, this will play a crucial part.”


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