The Green Brigade aren’t everyones cup of tea – I absolutely get that.

However, it irks me some in our support can’t see past that when they are genuinely sticking up for Celtic and the wider football community.

The group never purport to speak on all fans behalf, but there are many issues where I’m happy to take their side.

Today is one of those days.

Celtic have been fined £12,500 by UEFA for the Green Brigade banner calling out UEFA for making Celtic fans turn up to Celtic Park on a Tuesday afternoon to watch their side play football when it was completely within UEFAs control to allow a later kick off.

When it became clear Celtic couldn’t play their tie on the usual Thursday night due to COP 26 – UEFA’s stance was the Champions league cash cow must remain unencumbered and they wouldn’t allow them game to go ahead later in the day or at a normal kick off time on the Tuesday.

It left many Celtic fans scrambling to get days off their work, with many missing out. Incredibly, over 50k made the game! No thanks to UEFA.

When the banner was unveiled at the game, it was roundly clapped my the majority at Celtic Park. The fine today has brought out some of the usual complainers telling us how the Green Brigade are costing us money.

This was an issue that affected us all and fans were poorly treated. The Green Brigade were clever in their response and echoed the sentiments of many.

Some people need to engage their brain, if you don’t like the group, fair enough. But don’t just automatically dislike anything they do by proxy.

UEFA have treated fans with contempt and when when Celtic fans have had the audacity to point it out, they have fined the club. UEFA is no more than a playground bully.

Thankfully, we’ve seen a lot of fans still backing the banner as well.


  1. Celtic screw enough money out of their own support. They never stick up for their own support, therefore, sticking their hands in their pockets now and again is good enough for the very rich Tory scum who are the board of a club they neither understand or really care for. Who cares more about Celtic the GB or the board? No contest.


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