How many of “the people” are still hiding under the largest rock they could find after yesterday? Another derby defeat in a jam-packed Paradise with 60,000 jumping gloating Hoops fans is just too much pain to take…again.

For one Buffalo Morelos, the feeling is all too normal. He still hasn’t managed a goal in the Glasgow derby, nobody scores goals from the changing rooms though. After his fifth red card of the season, he has just managed to crawl out from under the rock Scott Brown put him under.

If the player had any decency he should publically apologise to Scott Brown. Not that it will matter one jot to the Celtic captain but it could show some kind of learning or maturity. Too much to ask from a childish thug who kicks his way through games when things don’t go his way.

His apology will mean nothing for the 4 game ban that his coming his way. He will be joined by Andy Halliday and some other guy whose surname is Kent on the suspended list.



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