FOOTBALL is tribal and it can make you do and say stupid things and if you have any doubt that this isn’t the case then just read Derek McInness defending his captain Graeme Shinnie after the player blatantly dived to try and cheat Celtic out of a win.

Celtic were winning 2-1 with five minutes to go when the man who famously branded Celtic players as ‘lacking class’ took a dive to win a penalty with Willie Collum only too happy to point to the spot.

After the game, Brendan Rodgers raised a smile as he let the world know what he thought of Shinnie’s antics.

‘You Dived’ – Brendan Rodgers Brands Aberdeen Star a Cheat

However, the Aberdeen boss saw it very differently.

Apparently, it WAS a penalty and Mikael Lustig pushed his player into making the theatrical dive.

“I have seen it, I think there is a push in the back,” McInnes told SunSport with a straight face.

“I remember criticising Shinnie against Celtic in the past when he was nudged and didn’t go down.

“Lustig doesn’t need to put his hand on the back of Shinnie. Although what do I know about penalties!”


Celtic went on to win the game 4-3 with Odsonne Edouard coming on in the second half and changing the game.

Scott Sinclair bagged a hat-trick and the bhoys brought all three points back to Glasgow.

Celtic shaking off some suspect officiating in the process.


  1. McInnes talking oot his arse like the Hun he is…Id bet my life on it,If it had been Rangers and not Sevco wanting McInnes.He wouldnt be at Aberdeen just now.HH to each n every one of the Celtic Family.Merry Xmas and a HooPy Noo Year.

  2. Shinnie knows it was a dive, McInnes knows it was a dive (he criticised Shinnie for not going down in the past), Collum knows it was a dive, Aberdeen fans know it was a dive, WE all know it was a dive.

    The words from McInnes quoted above show no signs of logic. They are the words of someone who has lied so much that he cannot remember what he has lied about. McInnes appears disingenuous and is now a joke figure. “Nudging” does NOT bring a player down. Cheating now seems to be becoming part of the normal process at Aberdeen and McInnes has even been called out by Levein. It’s hard to know who is the bigger hypocrite.

    The snarls on the faces of Aberdeen players are a giveaway, as is their general behaviour on the park. They lack skill and revert to the dark arts when necessary.

    As for Mr Collum – the incompetence level is now at an all-time high for him. His ‘look at me’ style is confrontational. Typical of some poor teachers I have taught beside. It seems that quite a number of clubs are unhappy with him, including some on the continent.

  3. Did he comment on the dreadful tackle on Christie!!
    Mmm do not think so.
    Yes he is coaching his players to kick Celtic of the park.
    Sad thing is the referees in Scotland are allowing it.

  4. That ugly hun cun7 and Gollam aside. Shinnie was going for a dive in the box. As Lustig or whoever breathed on him, the tejectory was grass in his beard. Gollam only gives what he sees and he obliged the sheep in the dug oot and stands. Hoops fought on and won the game. And duly so. A bigger pair of spoilt brats. As witnessed in the flesh. HWGFTINR.

  5. First of all, best wishes for a happy new year to all Bhoys and Ghirls the world over.

    Further to my earlier comments on Collum and having now looked a few times at the video of the first penalty award, it is quite obvious that this also was not a penalty. There was NO CONTACT from Izzy on McGinn and the ball had already been crossed. McGinn jumped up in the air and Izzy made no contact. As McGinn came back down by gravitational force, he landed on Izzy’s leg. This perhaps should.have been a foul to Celtic, if anything at all.

    Collum also had a clear view of the very NASTY tackle on Christie by McGinn, who should have been red carded. He also had a clear view of the fouls on the Celtic goalkeeper Craig Gordon at the Aberdeen 3rd goal. Does this referee have an agenda, or is he simply thoroughly incompetent? It is very hard to believe that a referee can be that incompetent. As for assistant referees – most are scared to contradict referees. At game after game, we see assistants looking to see what the ref gives before raising their flags. These people are not infallible and should not be treated as such.


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