LEWIS MORGAN left Celtic in January this year when a move to new American side Inter Miami came about. The midfielder was a bit-part player at Celtic and the offer to go play his football for David Beckham’s new project was too tempting to pass up.

The former St Mirren lad hasn’t exactly had the best start to his American football adventure due to the COVID shutdown but he remains in good spirits. Talking to Simon Ferry of OpenGoal Sports, the ex-Celtic player was happy to talk about his time at the club and he was in no way bitter about his experience.

Lewis gave some great insight into how Jeremie Frimpong getting into the first team came about and how two influential players approached the coaches about Jeremie playing in the first team.

Morgan gushed over his former teammate and admitted Scott Brown and Callum McGregor went to bat for the young right back.

“He’s exactly what Man City would want in a full-back so I’m not sure how Celtic have managed to get him.

“He’d came up and trained and within the first couple of weeks I remember Cal and Broony after training saying one day ‘He has to play’.

‘He has to play’.

“I think they told the coaches he has to play. He’s so quick.

“When he said it, it carries a lot weight and the coaches listened and not looked back since.

“He’s great, he’s a great kid. He’s so young and has so much energy and is just happy all the time. You see him on social media and it’s not an act, that’s how he is.”

Asked about how influential Scott Brown is behind the scenes and on the pitch, Morgan was in no doubt about his role and what Neil Lennon expects of his captain.

“On the pitch, he is the manager. I think Lennon gives him the freedom to do that as well and police the boys.

“When you’ve got someone like him playing, it is like having another manager.”

Broony has a desire to go into coaching and management when he retires.


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